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Interprete e traduttore di giapponese
Interpreter and translator of Japanese language
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Member of Aniti Association (Italian Association of interpreters and translators) since 1991

Experience and expertise
  I've always been attracted to the magical Japanese world; from this country so strong but, at the same time, light, fluctuating, so as to appear almost evanescent, from this apparently incomprehensible but fascinating language!
What can I do for you
  • Interpreting
  • Translations
  • Consulting
  • Private lessons

Il tempio d'oro - Kyoto
Photo gallery
Some of the moments that underlined the development of my activity.

About me
Graduated in modern foreign languages and literatures, oriental specialization, degree language Japanese, I have been working as an interpreter and translator since 1987 (in Milan since 1990).  

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Antonio Lucio Iozzia
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