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Interprete e traduttore di giapponese
Interpreter and translator of Japanese language
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Interpreting and translations
  • Translations from Japanese into Italian
  • Interpreting from Japanese to Italian and vice versa
  • Private individual and group Japanese lessons, online and face-to-face
  • Consulting on the Japanese market
  • Assistance in preparing business or tourist trips to Japan
  • Assistance while traveling in Japan
Japan, the country where modernity and tradition meet and walk together perfectly.
During a fair in Tokyo
Japanese people love to speak their language during job negotiations.

Tour leadear
It's easier to travel Japan if your guide speaks Japanese language.
Antonio Lucio Iozzia
Interpreter - Translator of Japanese language
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Antonio Lucio Iozzia
Via Monte Suello, 9
20133 Milano
Interpretariato e traduzioni dal e in giapponese
Lezioni di giapponese
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