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Interprete e traduttore di giapponese
Interpreter and translator of Japanese language
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Showa is one of the most important maker of shock absorber of the world. I cooperate with Showa since 2015 during EICMA, the international motorcycle fair.
Agusta, now Leonardo company, proveides helicopters all over the world. Also japanese police, fireman, coast guard, use Italian helicopters and they come to Italy for training. I was the interpreter during the courses for pilots, in the simulator and in flight, mechanical, electrical and avionics maintenance technicians.
Manufacturer of car handles, in four years of collaboration, I learned all the phases of product production, from fusion of the resin, to the painting of the handle.
Denso - Manufacturer of small electric motors for cars.
Interpreter, translator, sales manager for the Japanese market: my collaboration with the most famous hat manufacturer in the world lasted almost 20 years.
This is the letter I received from the municipality of Milan after my work as interpreter during the meeting between the mayor of Milan and the mayor of Kyoto.
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